Unit 9 T.I.E Proposal

T.I.E stands for “Theatre in Education”, and is an form of theatre intended to teach young children about their life choices in an educational setting. T.I.E started in Britain in 1965 as a way to educate young children about sensitive issues around that time in a dramatic setting. T.I.E uses multiple techniques such as call and response to engage children to participate in the theatre. The end goal of T.I.E is to make young children aware of key issues and put information into their head to inspire them not to go down a dangerous life path.

My project brief is to create and prepare as a company a piece of T.I.E, targeted at 14-15 year olds and we will tour that to at least 2 schools. My immediate reaction was that we could develop an idea using PSHE stimuli and make it into something that can be performed on. As we are performing towards 14-15 year olds, it’s important that we perform something that they can relate to, to ensure we deliver a more effective performance to these kids.

The main area that needs to be researched is the topic of Alcohol, and the various risks that go along with that. These include drink driving, Alcohol abuse, and buying by proxy. This research is important as this is what we would be basing our T.I.E on, and any research we do will make us understand more about the subject. Another area that will need to be researched will be the work of Boal and his forum theatre. This will be important because forum theatre will be how we will perform our T.I.E, and the research we do will help us have an idea on how to perform our T.I.E effectively.

The skills I would bring to this project are Organisation and Receptibility. I believe that I have these qualities because I’m often handy when it comes to sorting things out in areas, and I’m always open to ideas from other students and ready to put their ideas in action. I also lead an F1 Esports team, so I have leadership qualities to make sure everyone is on the same page and we can do this together. This would be useful because I can use these qualities to play my part in everyone working together as a smooth unit.

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